In order to carry out the repatriation transport under the conditions of COVID-19 while maintaining the highest possible level of health protection, the companies and institutions involved have developed comprehensive precautionary concepts and hygiene rules for all phases of the transport and continuously adapt them to the current developments of the pandemic and the relevant framework conditions. The measures along the transport route are comparable with the many different concepts and regulations that are now effectively applied in many other areas of industry and logistics on a daily basis.

For example, the vessel's crew is isolated on board at an early stage before departure in England, and after transshipment in the German port no crew member remains ashore. Only those persons who are absolutely necessary for transshipment and storage have access to the port facilities as well as the interim storage area.

All these additional measures, which are necessary due to the pandemic situation, do not affect the safety of the transport of the radioactive waste in any way. The health of all those involved and of the population along the transport route continues to have the highest priority.