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Rückführung von deutschen Wiederaufarbeitungsabfällen/Repatriation of German Residues from Reprocessing

Until 2005, spent fuel elements from the operation of German nuclear power plants were taken to Great Britain and France for reprocessing. The resulting residues must be returned to Germany. GNS Gesellschaft für Nuklear-Service mbH has been commissioned by the German nuclear power plant operators to prepare and carry out the return of this waste to German interim storage facilities.

First HLW repatriation transport from the UK to Germany completed safely and exactly on time


GNS is commissioned by the German nuclear power plant operators to safely return all residues from the reprocessing of German fuel elements abroad. The first of three shipments of vitrified HLW from the UK to Germany has now been completed successfully. Six casks of the type CASTOR® HAW28M, each containing 28 canisters of HLW in the form of vitrified residues, arrived at the Federal interim storage facility in Germany on 4 November 2020 after more than one week en route exactly within schedule.


Radiation protection in focus - atw article on repatriation transport


INS / Planned shipment of Highly Active Waste from the UK to Germany


Over the coming years the United Kingdom will be returning highly active waste (HAW) in the form of vitrified residues to Germany. There will be a total of three shipments to storage facilities in Biblis, Brokdorf and Isar. The first shipment, to Biblis, is scheduled for the first half of 2020.

Transport 2020

From Sellafield to Biblis

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