The transport program

Destination Interim storage

In 2015 the Federal Environment Ministry has presented a concept for the return of reprocessing waste still stored abroad. This provides for a nationwide balanced distribution. With a broad political consensus between the Federal Government and all the state governments involved, as well as the nuclear power plant operators as waste producers, four locations have been defined for the interim storage of the waste to be returned: Biblis in Hesse, Brokdorf in Schleswig-Holstein, Isar in Bavaria and Philippsburg in Baden-Württemberg. Further information on the choice of interim storage sites is available from BGZ Gesellschaft für Zwischenlagerung mbH.

The first transport took place in October/November 2020 and brought six casks ith HLW to Biblis. Two more transports from Sellafeld with seven casks each also containing HLW will got to Brokdorf and Isar. Another transport of casks with HLW is scheduled from La Hague to Philippsburg.